Day 11 

We are working on developing some new stuff for Ben Dsctructive Price

Day 10

Creating a hip hop beat 

Day 9

Matt Gasda joined us in the gallery to add a dreamworld to our skin and bones raw sound. 

Day 8

Here is a little color for you. We collaborated on a painting, scored by a new jam we are working on developing. 

The interesting thing about this painting that I will loosely name, “Calling Out”, really reflects the mood of the night. We were both down each other’s throats in a sense and really calling each other out for things that were apparently faults of ours. The painting has a very dark quality and mood which does not reflect our friendship as a whole, but does speak to the conversation of the night.

Last Night’s song, Day 7

Sometimes change needs to be forced, Day 6

Day 5

Sometimes things get a little weird, Day 4

Day 3